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Welcome! Please click on either of the buttons below to go directly to the appropriate section  for destination information:

Longhaul Destinations Shorthaul Destinations

Although these are the most visited pages, don't forget there's a host of other useful information on this website, including details of the Club's activities, News and Benefits for BAFSRC members.

May we also draw your attention to the Help Us section - keeping Club equipment properly provisioned and maintained in stations all around the world often requires a little help - your Secretary will be most grateful to any responses for help from staff visiting a particular destination.

Update to the Extremely Useful
BAFSRC Members App for iPhone / iPad

There is an exciting new update to the BAFSRC Members app. Follow the instructions below to get it on your iPhone/iPad.

There are many big improvements to the app but the main one is the ability for you to create your own photo membership card and store it on your phone.


Anyone joining the club between 29th October and 31st January 2014 will not start paying until February 2014.

WIN A ROAD BIKE:  Any new members joining the Club between now and the end of the end of January 2014 will automatically be enrolled in a raffle to win a fabulous Road Bike. The Raffle will be drawn at the committee meeting March 2014.

The extremely useful BAFSRC app is now available. Follow the instructions below to get it on your iPhone/iPad. 

Its main function is that it allows you to check what equipment is available at any destination (even while off-line). 
It has many other great features like ‘Join a friend’ (allows to sign up anoter crew member immediately, Latest News, Offers and the ability to contact the club from within the app.

Android Phones and tablets: We are aware that not everyone uses apple products, but we had to do the development in 2 stages, so we started with Apple products, which we thought were more popular; we are currently developing the APP for android phones and tablets  - watch out for launch details on this page of the website, and in the newsletters.

Downloading the App On your iPad or iPhone - click on the Apple App Store App and search for "BAFSRC Members App”. (Note - If you use an iPad, you may have to toggle the top left filter on the search results page from ‘iPad only’ to ‘iPhone only’ - it will work on iPads though). 
Clicking on the following link will take you straight to the App Store - https://appsto.re/gb/WAsr8.i

Using the App for the first time Important - You must be online to initially log-in to the app. 
Enter staff number and the same password you use to access this BAFSRC website.
The first time you log-in, the app will download all the data for the destinations which will take a few minutes.
Note - The APP does not update automatically, so you will need to sync the app by clicking on the 2 white arrows which form a circle on the top right hand side of the APP every so often.

The app will ask you to switch on location services - This allows the welcome page to suggest the nearest hotel to your current location If you are online, you will be able to see the fleetlist review information and a 5 day weather forecast.

You can use the app to ‘Join a friend’. This allows you to sign up a colleague immediately to the club while you are down-route - please do write the staff number in TWICE - once after the surname, and once in the staff number box.

Any questions or feedback when using the app, please get in touch with either Morgan or Richard at the following emails - Chair@bafsrc.com or richardgomila@gmail.com


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